CARMA Service di Carlo Casati


The crimping is the operation that allows to obtain the inclined cut of the edge of the cut piece: this will help the subsequent welding phase between two pieces.
In the world of carpentry this operation is more important the higher the thickness of the sheet.

The crimping system provided by CARMA Service combines efficiency and precision and allows the accessory to be used with the various plasma on the market today.

The angle of inclination varies between + 45 ° and -45 °: two brushless motors allow the movement of the plasma torch in order to obtain caulking even during the interpolation phase in the circles.
The height adjustment system used by CARMA Service allows the correct positioning of the torch with respect to the sheet metal during the entire cutting phase.

During the design phase, the operator must simply indicate where this type of machining is necessary and the desired inclination: the CAD / CAM and the numerical control will take care of the remaining.