CARMA Service di Carlo Casati


As for the plasma, also for the oxy-fuel torch there is the need to follow the inclination of the sheet to be cut.

The mechanism that allows this type of regulation in the oxy-fuel world is linked to the measurement of the capacity between the sensor disc and the sheet itself.
The computerized numerical control transforms the reading values into a distance referred to the work surface that the torch will constantly maintain during the processing phases.
The operator will only have to adjust the height of the starting torch and the NC will do the remnant.

This type of adjustment makes the use of the torch simple and effective and allows the machine to work without the need to be continuously controlled by the operator.

To refine the automation of an oxyfuel machine, CARMA Service also provides an automatic cutting gas pressure regulation system. Thanks to a set of proportional solenoid valves and pressure sensors, the numerical control is able to keep the pressure values ​​of the various cutting gases constant.
Instead of manually adjusting the required pressure value for each gas by acting on the pressure gauges on the machine, the operator will simply have to set the cutting parameters on the appropriate menu of the NC: the control will ensure that these values ​​remain constant during the cut.

To complete the range of accessories for machines equipped with multiple torches, CARMA Service has created an automatic repositioning system for the individual torches: thanks to a pneumatic coupling / uncoupling system from the steel cable for dragging and locking the individual slave carriages on the beam, the CARMA Service system allows the positioning of the torches with a precision of 1 mm even during the execution of the cutting file: on the CAD / CAM it will be sufficient to indicate how many torches must be used in the processing phase.