CARMA Service di Carlo Casati

Narrow gap torch - Cladding - Special unit

Devices built and tested in the most severe industrial uses


Carma Service, among its activities, can also boast the production of welding torches for unusual applications. It means that when the equipment available on the market becomes a limit to the realization of a project, Carma Service puts its knowledge into play by designing and realizing all the indispensable solutions to satisfy the requirements of the particular customer application.

The NARROW GAP submerged arc torch is certainly a source of pride, since it can work up to 350 mm deep in a throat with only 18 mm opening. Not only that, we have also created and patented the laser vision and memorization system of the welding joint, the only ones in the market to have this technology. In particular, for this application we have also designed and built a machine to remove any non-conformity of the welded section to the bottom of the groove (max 350 mm deep) and all this always in a "gap" of only 18 mm. We have also made welding torches to weld inside a long pipe up to 12 m in length with a minimum diameter of only 50 mm