CARMA Service di Carlo Casati


The solution adopted by CARMA Service to obtain the crimping of sheets with important thicknesses consists of three oxy-fuel torches, two of which inclined, mounted on a support with infinite rotation.
Each torch has a solenoid valve unit that manages its ignition and shutdown, controlled by the numerical control.

The positioning of the two inclined torches is manual, or on request, it can be automatic by direct current motorization and ball screw.

By means of a toothed wheel system, direct current motor and incremental encoder, the infinite rotation system managed by the NC allows automatic crimping of lines and arcs.

The three-torch system allows to obtain the types of crimping shown in the figure.

The height of the 3D unit with respect to the underlying sheet metal plays a fundamental role: this is achieved thanks to a sliding arm on the sheet moved by a pneumatic piston with proximity switch sensor, connected to a vertical translation potentiometer. The signal provided by the potentiometer allows the NC to know the relative distance of the torches with respect to the sheet metal in the various processing phases.