CARMA Service di Carlo Casati


The prerequisite for having a good plasma cut is the correct distance between the torch and the metal sheet in each phase of the processing: the characteristics that a height control must have to exploit the potential of the cutting source are the accuracy in positioning and reactivity in following the corrugations of the sheet.

To meet this need, CARMA Service has designed a simple and effective plasma axis management system that can be used indiscriminately on all the various models of machines produced, but also on the beams of other manufacturers in case of retrofitting.

The translation of the plate that supports the plasma torch takes place on a prismatic guide and recirculating ball slide and is made by a motorized screw with a direct current motor and a planetary reducer: all this allows to obtain an accurate movement and an excellent scrolling.

The acquisition of the initial height for the breakthrough of the sheet can take place by electrical contact between the torch and the underlying metal (in the latest generation plasma) or by a slide system / limit switch system which detects, by pressure, the contact with the plate to be cut.

Furthermore, to safeguard the integrity of the plasma torch, an anti-collision system is used which stops the system if the torch hits the underlying sheet metal or some piece already cut.