CARMA Service di Carlo Casati


It is by far the best-selling model: extreme reliability in any condition of use (testified by the large number of installations on every continent) makes HD our spearhead.
The suction bench, separated from the structure to avoid stresses due to the weight of the sheets of considerable thickness used (up to 600 mm), is entirely managed by numerical control: depending on the position of the portal, the NC opens or closes the tanks below the source cutting: this allows a better concentration of the suction and therefore a better efficiency of the filtering system.
The movement of the portal takes place on tracks: two motors managed in GANTRY and a system with backlash recovery springs, allow a practically unlimited length of the longitudinal axis.
The motorization system is made by means of planetary pinion-reduction gear units and direct current or brushless motors (on request): all this allows a particularly smooth and accurate motion.
The transverse axis slides on a round guide and can reach working profits up to 7.5 meters.

The numerical control used is supplied by the TEX COMPUTER company: it is a 32bit device of the POWER series with a high definition color touch screen display.
The controller can be connected to the company network via LAN (even with a wireless system) and is equipped with a USB port that the operator uses as an alternative to the network for uploading cutting files.
The electrical panel is anchored to the side of the portal to allow the operator a complete view of the cutting system at each stage of processing.

The large quantity of machines produced has allowed us to considerably reduce the price as well as the production and delivery times.

Technical features

Work area: width: 7.5m; length: there are no limitations
Height of the torch from the workbench: any on request
Movement speed when empty: 12000 mm / min
Cutting speed: depends on the cutting source used
Accessories: oxy-cutting torches with manual and automatic repositioning, plasma unit of any type on the market, drilling unit, crimping unit