CARMA Service di Carlo Casati


The SHD series represents the top of the range of machines produced by CARMA Service.
Thanks to the powerful structure and the precision mechanics used (similar to that of laser machines), the SHD series can accommodate any type of accessory and can do any useful work.
The longitudinal sliding rails and the mobile portal house prismatic guides with recirculating ball shoes equipped with grease fatteners to ensure correct lubrication.

The movement unit of both axes (double on the longitudinal one managed in GANTRY by the NC) is made by means of a ground pinion, a low backlash planetary gearbox, a brushless motor: a spring system on the transverse axis and one sliding on prismatic guides on the longitudinal one, create a perfect coupling between pinion and rack along the entire length of the axis.
The translation of the slave carriages in the case of a multi-torch machine is achieved by means of a steel drag cable.
The suction tanks, separated from the structure to avoid the stresses due to the weight of the sheet metal (which can reach 600 mm thick) are managed by numerical control both in length and in width (models with an important transversal usefulness than in this model can reach 7.5 meters).
The numerical control used is supplied by the TEX COMPUTER company: it is a 32-bit device of the POWER series with a high-definition color touch screen display.
The controller can be connected to the company network via LAN (even with a wireless system) and is equipped with a USB port that the operator uses as an alternative to the network for uploading cutting files.

The electrical panel can be anchored to the gantry side to allow the operator a complete view of the cutting system at each stage of processing.

Technical features

Work area: width: 7.5m; length: there are no available
Height of the torch from the workbench: any on request
Movement speed when empty: 12000 mm / min
Cutting speed: depends on the cutting source used
Accessories: oxy-cutting torches with manual and automatic repositioning, plasma unit of any type on the market, drilling unit, crimping unit