CARMA Service di Carlo Casati

SK model

The SK model allows a working area not exceeding 2000 x 6000 mm: the handling structure is anchored directly to the suction tanks which support a weight of 1000 kg/m2: the characteristics of precision and lightness make this structure ideal for high definition plasma cutting.

The opening of the tanks is managed by the numerical control which will act on the pneumatics of the only tank inter-centered to the cut.

The movement is guaranteed by a pinion-planetary reduction gear-brushless motor unit on prismatic guides and ball bearing runners both on the transverse and longitudinal axis.
The latter has two motors managed in GANTRY directly by the numerical control.

The numerical control used is supplied by the TEX COMPUTER company: it is a 32bit device of the POWER series with a high definition color touch screen display.

The controller can be connected to the company network via LAN (even with a wireless system) and is equipped with a USB port that the operator uses as an alternative to the network for uploading cutting files.

The electrical panel can be anchored to the portal side or remoted to the ground (on request).

Technical features

Work area: maximum extension 2000 mm x 6000 mm
Height of the torch from the workbench: on request and in any case less than 250 mm
Movement speed when empty: 18000 mm / min
Cutting speed: depends on the cutting source used