CARMA Service di Carlo Casati

Light series cross hand torch holder slides

Series of torch supports with micrometric adjustment
SMDS 60/200 - SLM 150/200/250/300
7 → 50 Kg capacity

Series of single-axis or crossed SLIDES to support the torch and ensure micrometric adjustment of the welding point in space.
These slides can be combined to form 2 or 3 axis systems with also the insertion of rotating joints up to 5 degrees of freedom.

The SMDS series has a cylindrical pin connection with a diameter of 30 mm for locking on the machine, including our two-axis manipulator type B and BA. The SLM series, on the other hand, has 4 threaded holes (M6 or M8) for attachment to the flange; the spacing of these fixing holes may vary by model and stroke.