CARMA Service di Carlo Casati

Motorized axes

Dedicated applications

Example of a base with two crossed axes of large capacity (1500 Kg) made to move the column of a manipulator for the robotic welding of a 5-axis system with tig process with decimal precision. Brushless motors and ball screws are standard components for these applications where precision and total immunity to vibrations are absolutely essential requirements for compliance with the project specifications. Part of a complex CN-controlled 5-axis cold wire TIG welding system with cleaning station with electric tool designed and built entirely in our company.

This photo portrays the typical application of a crossed slide system to create a classic X-Y system mounted on the head of a manipulator equipped for SAW welding. The control of these axes is either manual with a 2-axis joystick or automatic interpolated to the probe function and joint control. The careful design and the experience gained in decades of testing and field tests allow us to propose solutions in which all the details are considered and analyzed. We have different solutions for the materials and types of mechanical constructions, including protective bellows made to our specifications with materials resistant to high temperatures or with other types of even more performing shelters (see digital oscillator).