CARMA Service di Carlo Casati

Series of motorized slides

MMH 250/300/350/400
100 Kg capacity

Series of large capacity motorized SLIDES specifically designed to safely support cantilevered loads up to 100 kg, calculated at 50 cm from the trolley surface.
Movement on double linear guides with recirculating balls with a series of four sliding blocks driven by a recirculating ball screw. All the machines and machine parts produced by Carma Service comply with the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and therefore these systems are also supplied with anti-crushing safety systems.

These slides can be combined to form 2 or 3 axis systems ensuring smooth and linear linear movements without any vibration. As for the SLMH series, the anchoring plates have a series of 4 threaded holes (M6 or M8) for anchoring to the machine, the spacing of these fixing holes can vary according to the model and stroke. Compatible with submerged arc welding heads, they are available with standard DC motors or with brushless motors and closed loop control included.