CARMA Service di Carlo Casati

Torch interior diameter up to 35mm

Devices built and tested in the most severe industrial uses

Maximum Groove Depth - 350mm.
Head Width 14mm.
Application up to 340 ° C continuously
I spotted Precision Tandem Torch Tilting Servo Motor Control with Precision gearbox. Precision X-Z weld head motion controls. Adjustable range - 3 Degrees Inclusive.

Horizontal stroke - 150mm.
Vertical stroke - 450mm.
Precision Servo Controls for automated standoff, and seam tracking controls. 2-axis Wire Straighteners.
Flux Delivery nozzle, hopper, and mounting. Flux recovery nozzle assembly. Angle setting device for adjustable cross-seam tilt of entire weld head. Adjustable range 3 degrees inclusive. Wire Distance setting - adjusting range 30mm. Tandem Wire Feeders and adjustable mounting. Adjustable Camera mounting arm. Laser Sensor adjustable mounting arm for standoff control & cross seam tracking Camera + Recording welding data