CARMA Service di Carlo Casati

Light series lathe positioners

Series of lathe positioners for each welding process, with single or double torch holder station

Carma Service boasts a wide range of solutions in the field of lathe positioners. This page shows the standard machines equipped with our STAGE2 control. The TRAF models are available both in the BAC version in which the tailstock axis is fixed vertically, and in the BACB version in which the tailstock axis can be adjusted at will between the horizontal and vertical position, including all intermediate angles.
The TIGGHINO 6 model is the best solution for all applications where precision is a prerequisite. Positioner particularly suitable for processes with TIG or microplasma welding.

very versatile machines with the ability to move it from the pallet of the tailstock pneumatic arm to the rotary table frame. Many optional accessories are available such as the second pneumatic arm or the tailstock with gas insufflation or the multilayer function, to perform up to 6 rotations in a row. Obviously it is possible to integrate on these machines our SMDS60 torch support devices or our electronic AVC arc control systems, or one or two BERGY model electronic OSCILLATORS.
The sequence of photos only wants to give an indication of the range in the catalog.
For the TRAF series a detailed documentation is available which can also be downloaded from our website. The TRAF75 / 200 models are standard machines always ready for delivery.