CARMA Service di Carlo Casati

Special lathe positioners

1 → 10 T capacity
Double table positioners for welding and assembly of large frames

These double head positioners are a variant of the classic lathe positioner, in fact they come with a fixed frame that collects the motorized table, which can also be a variable axis that is elevated, positioned on a ground frame that acts as a another station, often of the same size as the driving head, usually made with an idle rotating axle without a motor.

Obviously, if the motor table is in the lifting version, the idle table will also be elevated and synchronized in the electric axis. Equipment commonly used to move large frames in the welding position, where it can be the operator who manually welds the pieces or combined with a beam that supports an anthropomorphic robot for the execution of the automatic welding cycle. Also for this type of machines, there is a vast possibility of customization, both in terms of size and functionality, by integrating fixed and/or mobile supports, and robotic interlocking systems.