CARMA Service di Carlo Casati

Locking bench for flat interiors and exteriors

Series of locking benches for indoors and outdoors

Systems designed to safely weld calendered or flat sheet metal sheets with butt joints through the use of pressers to lock the edges. In these machines the operator inserts and aligns the welding edges inside the loading area where a blade centering device helps to maintain the alignment between the joint to be welded and the linear path of the torch on the machine.

Once the sheet has been inserted, a series of pressers present along the entire length of the welding section are activated by a pneumatic control. These pressers are made of bronze and are arranged side by side to form two parallel comb lines.
The physical support on which the two series of pressers insist and which supports the entire ferrule is made with a bar, often cylindrical, on which the copper alloy area is obtained, which guarantees a wear-resistant support along the entire welding path. Furthermore, inside the copper bar, the passage of the coolant is foreseen and, when necessary, in the TIG / PLASMA processes, also the passage of the protection GAS from below.

With this version there is a perfect protection of the bath and of the welding edges along the entire route.
In the upper part of the frame and along the entire length of the machine, there is a linear beam on which the motorized torch-carrying carriage slides. The torch is also linked to a pneumatic actuator for vertical movement between the working position and the rest position. All movements are carried out with the use of linear guides and recirculating shoes.
The motorization, with a DC geared motor. completed with an encoder, speed can be adjusted by numerical control, with return to zero point at maximum speed, in masked time.

The operator interface is made with a touch screen panel and the work cycle is managed by the PLC on which the particular work cycle is loaded, such as the following process variables:

  • length of the welding section in mm, from 500 mm to 12000 mm, precision to the tenth of a millimeter
  • welding speed
  • late departure
  • protection gas management
  • patch welding
  • recall welding programs
  • camera generator management (if present)
  • logical work management