CARMA Service di Carlo Casati

Orbital heads welding nozzles

Series of 2D-3D orbital welding positioners, the top available in this sector today


Carma Service has in its catalog a complete series of rotating heads dedicated to all welding processes from TIG to SAW. In particular, the model head ... is unique in the market exhibiting a total weight of only 70 kg compared to the 400 kg of other solutions with comparable performance.

The basic version for all configurations is single-axis, in practice the system performs only the rotation in the center of the axis orthogonal to the welding plane and therefore the circular welding takes place exclusively in plane. There are also 2-axis versions that allow you to weld the intersection figure between the two cylinders in 3D, interpolating the circular rotation with the vertical movement of the torch that allows you to faithfully follow the welding "saddle". This solution involves inserting the height difference between the starting point of the weld corresponding to the top dead center and the height reached by the joint at the lowest point.

This 3D variant of the rotating head is also available in a fully electronic version where a powerful calculation system with touch screen interface allows the operator to directly enter the values ​​of the two diameters of the cylinders to be welded and the machine automatically calculates the welding trajectory. In this variant the mechanics are of the robot type with brushless motors and reduced backlash reducers so as to be particularly suitable for mig and tig applications in which the precision of the positioning of the torch on the joint is an essential condition.