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Heavy duty rotary table positioners

TRP -Heavy duty turntable positioners

The TRP series of welding table positioners cover a range of 13 different models, with capacities from 300 to 25000 Kg.

By correct positioning of weldment, using the tilt and the rotation of the table, considerable benefits can be gained in both speed and quality. The structure of heavy duty turntable positioner has been designed to support the expected loads with no vibrations or elastic deformation that could interfere with the quality of the weld. The part-holder tables are supported on preloaded ball-bearing thrust plate that ensure long-term reliability.
Rotation is provided by a motor-driven reduction unit which engages in the thrust plate toothing. The motor is supplied on c.a. with speedometer that keeps constant the rotations speed, even if eccentric loads cause a change in the torque factor.
For the models TRP 300 - TRP 1200 the tilt movement is achieved by means of electrically operated gearing in c.a.
For the models TRP 2000 - TRP 25000 the tilt movement is achieved by hydraulic cylinder with security valve and “overcenter” valve that keeps constant the tilt speed, even if eccentric loads cause a change in the tilt factor. For the electric continuity of the table a current carrying terminal is used with a self-cleaning , sliding contact (copper - broze) carrying 500A. All the electricals are housed in a relay box inside the positioner. On the door are installed all the buttons for the positioner motions and the welding process.

A remote control is also provided, with the same controls and cable length of 5 mt. Operator’s controls are stepped down to 24 V for safety.