CARMA Service di Carlo Casati



The numerical controlers used by CARMA Service have characteristics of extreme calculation power and versatility: the graphic interface used, created internally, allows the operator to manage the entire cutting system in a simple and intuitive way.
At the same time, it is possible to parameterize and configure the management of any type of machines, an indispensable prerequisite in the field of retrofitting.

In each model used there is an integrated network card, which allows communication via LAN or wireless between the control and the computers on which the CAD / CAM programs are installed, and a USB controller for reading the work files using this support. .
Finally, upon request, a modem connection is possible for remote assistance: this application makes problem solving much more immediate by limiting downtime.

The choice of the device suitable for different needs has led CARMA Service to use the POWER series numerical controls produced by the company Tex Computer: in particular the E series used on the machines produced and the P series for retrofitting on the machinery on the market.