CARMA Service di Carlo Casati



Having experienced first hand the problems inherent to machines of the most varied brands, CARMA Service is able to supply both mechanical and electronic spare parts for the various models of cutting systems.
CARMA Service, thanks to the strategic agreements made with the major producers of plasma sources, is able to offer the ORIGINAL consumables of the following brands at competitive prices and very quickly:

The patented long-life technology of HYPERTHERM allows to obtain an excellent quality cut, while ensuring the maximum duration of the consumables themselves.
In addition, consumables are also available for the discontinued models of the HD3070, HT2000 and POWERMAX generators.

Thanks to the new XT TM-300 HIGH DENSITY technology, THERMADYNE has maximized the performance of the consumables of the ULTRACUT series, thus obtaining excellent results on different materials.
Of particular interest is the quality and economy of stainless steel cutting using water (video).
Consumables are also supplied for the PACKMASTER and CUTMASTER series.

The new Hi-Focus cutting systems from KJELLBERG guarantee a long service life of the various consumable parts, together with the highest cutting quality.
Thanks to their bayonet connection, the PerCut torch series also allows quick and easy replacement of consumables.

To meet the needs of customers, CARMA Service is able to agree on scheduled orders, with interesting quantity discounts.