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Used submerged arc welding machines

The purchase of submerged arc welding machines is always an great investment for a company: it is in fact of machines capable of increasing productivity but at the same time present initial costs to be evaluated with caution.

For this reason, used submerged arc welding machines are very popular on the market.

CARMA Service is a company that sells used and new submerged arc welding machines.

Submerged arc welding allows you to work with high welding and deposition speeds and is a process that can be made fully automatic. For this reason it is interesting to evaluate both the purchase of used submerged arc welders and new submerged arc welders made according to customer requirements.

On our website you can easily access the section dedicated to second-hand: if you find submerged arc welders you can immediately know the price and contact CARMA Service directly to agree on the purchase.

If you do not find a used submerged arc welding machine, you can always write or call us to book new arrivals or directly evaluate the purchase of a new submerged arc welding machine.

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